Saturday, December 27, 2008

Unique Seafood Restaurant

Before starting this post, let's have some short talk as what Kennysial do....sorry sorry is Kennysia, damn my keyboard really got some problems edi.

Let's talk about how i celebrate my Christmas...So listen up!

As usual, that day i woke up around 8 something to take my bath as 9am later i have to start my work at my shop (not really mine, but i am taking care of it temporary).

After that, as usual too i ended my work around 8pm and return to my home ofcourse.

As usual 3, i took my bath and sit down in front of my comp and started to chat with some of my pity friends who are doing what they are doing usually.

Since today is Christmas, so i guess i have to do something which is a bit special!!
Here comes the special thing, today while i am surfing net or chatting i am accompanied by a GIANT bag of Twisties!! Special eh, cause normally i dont do like this.

As usual 4, the Sad 4 (invented by Vincent, one of the sad 1) which are :
  1. ken
  2. Ron Stoppable
  3. ~Vincent~merry X'mas =) and the most handsome 1
  4. X(i)@n9, which is ME!
As usual 5, we are chatting AGAIN in a group chat. Whereby most of us are doing exactly the same thing that we will do at this period.
  • Ken : Keep "haih-ing" all the time + some "boring" and updating his blog twice per day which showing that he is so damn free during his 3 weeks holiday.
  • Ron Stoppable : SCREWing lots of chicks(pc) in 1 night or maybe just woke up from his bed.
  • ~Vincent~merry X'mas =) : "De de det de de det de de det" he is waiting for the sound from Heaven a.k.a Phone call !
  • ME : Playing Bomberman and metalslug and told them some stories if i'm not mistaken...(i found out the bloody Bomberman don't have any final level as i played till Level 42 it still didn't end, sad game)
Whereby my brother went to RUM Jungle at Tambun, Ipoh for CLUBBING, and his pity brother me is sitting there playing Metalslug that he just downloaded. T.T

As a conclusion, i guess i would like to conclude my Christmas day as "As Usual".

~Christmas Chapter END~

Ofcourse after the sad christmas, one of my relative is marrying on the next day after Christmas which is the 26th of December.
Although i don't really know who she is but it is still a good news for me. Why is it a good news ? Let's conlcude this into 2 points:
  1. That day i only have to work from 9am to 2pm which is only 5 hours, since normally morning won't have a lot of customers so i spent half of the working hours at the TV.
  2. I have the chance to have a dinner wedding at some restaurant which is consider quite classy in Ipoh.
This CLASSY seafood restaurant is situated just beside "Sunway Lagoon-The Lost World of Tambun" named "Unique Seafood Restaurant".

This seafood restaurant is well known for its Unique sea creatures that we seldom see or never.

As I stepped in,  rows of aquariums that are containing those "Unique" seafood.
As i'm taking it with my handphone, so it will be a bit blurly.
(Daryl dont try to lansi here...and Father too!)

So i guess you guys heard of Snow Tiger, White Lion etc.
How about Snow Crab ?
The price RM21.80/100 gram! is nothing for Kinz, so next time when you guys come over..
"Thank you Uncle Kin for treating us this nice meal."

Boston Lobster which its size is slightly bigger than other type of lobster that we seen.
RM16.80/100 gram

Let you guys guess what is this stuff that sticking at the aquarium..

These are all SONs of Abalone, as you all can see since it is just a kid so it is quite small actually.
As i forgot to take the price of it, but who cares ?? Uncle Kin is paying right?!
This is something that i guess we will see it in Marvel comics...
Because this is cousins of Spiderman----> SPIDER-CRAB!
RM23.80/100 gram

Look!! It is crawling on the wall of the aquarium !!

This is something that looks like SNAIL if you look at it closely....Japanese Shell.
RM3.00/100 gram

Honestly, when i first saw this "California Geoduck" i laughed like hell...because it really looks like something that guys very familiar with!
RM18.80/100 gram

If you still don't know what am i talking about, let's have a closer look....
"Sea Bird" if i translate from the Chinese name of this "Local Scallop"

Guess what is this "Soon Hock" exactly is...
For me this "Soon Hock" sounds more to some Grocery Wholesaler's name...
RM13.80/100 gram

Ta~da~~ !!
These fish that looks just like 1 piece of wooden, as the skin colour and they really stay there and don't move a lot.
Another bunch of Wooden Fish! Look at their size and the price....

This following sea creature is one of Daryl's gang, as he is the Crap King but this is King Crab!
RM29.80/100 gram

One thing that i hate about Chinese people wedding is that either they never know how to read the TIME stated on the Invitation card or they dont know how to read the clock...
Dam it, i have been waiting from 6pm till 8pm then only they dinner start!!! (It is written start at 6:30pm)

While we are waiting for the dinner, i saw there are lots of small bowl on the spinning table.
So in order to make the spinning table to be more space so i distribute all the small bowl to everyone....then my uncle suddenly ask me

"What are you doing ??"
"Distributing bowl lar ofcourse ?!"
"Haha, no need to distribute one...later they will fill for us one lar...."
"==' it meanings that later on we just have to open our mouth can edi ?"
"Why ?"
"Because we are going to change our IC to OKU type...."

Haha, so my hipothesis will be :
"The higher class of restaurant you are going, you are going to lost more of your abilities for being a human."

Look at those bowl that i placed it back....Haha
The 1st meal :Australia Lobster Salad

After i finished this very 1st meal, i asked everyone :
" Where is the lobster ?? Why i only tasted salad ??"
Again i made a joke! It is WITH the salad already...
Honestly, you guys cant blame me. This is because i've been waiting for 2 hours, so i guess my hunger already overcover my ability to taste than ability to make myself full.

As usual whenever you went to any chinese wedding dinner, the 2nd meal would be :Shark Fin soup with crab meat
Apart from that, mostly those so call 'shark fin' you can always get it from any grocery shop with only 30 cents per pack. We call it as "Tong Hun"! Haha~

As i really quite hungry at that momment, so when i was 'awake' i only realized that i forgot to take pictures for all of the meal.
This is the thing left when i was 'awake'....prawn shell~

As i said justnow...i am very hungry, so unselfconsciously we reached the last meal-Desert!
Honestly whenever i went to any wedding dinner, i always hope for something special for the Desert.

"Cold sea coconut with longan + chinese pan biscuit (i simply bluff as i dont know what it is actually in English, it is made with 'lin yong (one kind of kaya)' with a fry with powder + something taste like mooncake"
So this is how the wedding dinner ends, and because my phone really cant zoom FAR so didnt able to take the picture of the newlywed.

~Let's say good bye to 2008 and Welcome 2009 !~


  1. glad to see u're english improving... though its not good to kutuk me man....hehe

  2. haha, good post =)
    yeah, i agree with devil, you're good at english :D

    lol, your short talk seems long enough for me...

  3. FULAMAK !!! Daryl is PRAISING ME dowh !
    Need to celebrate edi like this..

    Wenfei mine is still short compare to Mr Wilson, his 1 is 45 mins~